Dove Viaggi - Corriere - New York after lockdown

Elle Italia - Social relations at a time of social distancing

COVID 19, Sole 24 Ore April 2020

Dal Covid a Floyd - Il Sole 24 Ore, Giugno 2020

Solidarietà di quartiere e Covid - Il Sole 24 Ore, Giugno 2020

Photoville 2016, La Stampa

People of the Ferry, La Stampa

Afropunk 2016,

Afropunk 2017,

La stanza di Sultan,

Tylon The One,

My work in D Repubblica

ConBody - D

Michèle - D

Marchionna - D

WK - D Repubblica

SoulCycle - D Repubblica

Street dance at the Met, Il Sole 24 Ore

The Ferry, IL Sole 24 Ore

Garage Italia, IL Sole 24 Ore

Vivian Maier in color, IL

Cafe Henrie, IL

Zoom Photo on IL

Pisillo of Wall Street, IL

People of Afropunk in IL

BB Park on IL

Voce di New York, Francesco Duri

The Fence 2018, Artribune

Outsider Art Fair 2019, Artribune

Yoga at Magazzino Italian Art, Artribune

Portormo in the US, Artribune

Photoville 2017 on Artribune

Mattotti on Artribune

Anthony McCall on Artribune

Zanele Muholi, Artribune

Ryan McGinley in SoHo, Artribune

Cenci in Pistoia, Artribune

Jamal Shabazz, Artribune

Outsider Art, Artribune

Room of the Wind, Rubin Museum, Artribune

Richard Sandler, Artribune

People of Afropunk in Artribune

Artribune: TEFAF

Artribune: Bayeté Ross Smith

Artribune: Illustratori italiani

Artribune: Understanding

Leibovitz in NY at Bayview, Artribune

Barzini's portrait in Forbes Italia

Giglio Boys in Vanity Fair

People of Afropunk in Flair

Founders of Afropunk in Noisey

Il senso di Sultan per lo spazio,

Arte Povera in

ROC and AIDS Walk in

Parlor Coffee on Gambero Rosso

My Williamsburg on Gambero Rosso

Sottocasa on Gambero Rosso

Caffè Panna in Gambero Rosso

Roya and ROC in Repubblica

ROC and It's Showtime in Repubblica

Profile in il Mattino

Johnny Waacks in Pisa

Kickstarter: The Campaign

ROC: Kickstarter in Corriere del Veneto

ROC: Kickstarter in L'Arena

Story of Boogiee and ROC

Translator at Venice Lido

My quote in the New Yorker

Trespass, Taschen 2011

All the Time in the World, Random House 2012

TimeOutNY, Hell's Kitchen Bars 2008

TimeOutNY, Poet at Bedford Stop 2007

ClioMakeUp RealTime, my tutorial

Clio, splendida quarantenne

Voices of 9/11, my interview

here is New York - (first photo)

Easter 2013, Ragusa News

Saint Anthony 2012, mattino di Padova

Saint Anthony 2014, mattino di Padova

Sant'Antonio 2016

Leslie Kaminoff, YJ Italy

Ava Taylor, YJ Italy

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